DX Charges

DX Charges


DX Cost Reduction Service

Recognising the need to reduce overheads in all areas of business, we offer consultancy services to enable you to reduce your annual DX charges by up to 60%.

The DX pricing structure is notoriously difficult to understand and many of our clients have found themselves confused by supposed facts and figures thrown at them by the DX. We have the knowledge and experience to be able to dissect these figures and guide you through the negotiation process in order to reduce your annual DX fees to a fair amount.

In contrast to most of our services, we charge a consultancy fee to our clients after the negotiation process is completed. Our service is on a “no savings no fees” basis, so if we are unable to secure a reduction, we do not charge you.

Our usual contract is simply to charge our clients just 29 pence against every pound we save: however, bespoke contracts are available upon request.

With achievable savings of up to 60%, this is a service that you simply cannot afford to ignore. Please contact us today for more information.